Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Biggest Don’ts When You Get Your Eyelash Extensions!

If you are already got your permanent eyelash extensions there are some rules that you have to follow in order to have a long-lasting eyelash extensions. You have invested hundreds of dollars on your eyelash extension to boost your look, I am sure that you would want it to stay longer on your face, at least it do not fall down before you lash’s natural growth cycle. Here are the things that you cannot do after you have already got your eyelash extensions.

The first thing that you cannot do is to sleep with prone style because you would not want to ruin your eyelash extensions. It might not entirely ruin your eyelash extensions, but you will need more time to form your eyelash extension in the morning before you go to work. Hence, it is better to always eyelash extensions kit in hand.
The second thing that you cannot do is using the face makeup remover to rub your eyes, because it might have bad impact to your eyelash extension glue. I am sure that you would not want to unglue the extensions since it will be impacting on the imbalance look of the eyelash. If it accidentally happened to you, you would have covered it with mascara.
Lastly, the thing that you cannot do when you have your eyelash extensions on you is do not take if off by yourself. You will need to go to the eyelash extension salons to have a professional remove your eyelash extensions for you. Eyes is a very sensitive area, you would not want to get your eyes irritated.

Remember that maintaining your eyelash extensions will make your eyelash extensions last longer. After getting it done, you will be left armed with supplies and tools to do your own daily treatment. Remember as soon as you get your eyelash extensions done, keep it away from water for the next 24 hours. You will need to dry the glue first before you take a bath or getting water to close to your eyes. Be mindful and you will always look awesome with your eyelash extensions.

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